Property Rental system Management

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  • Powerful Admin Panel

    You will have full control on your website.

  • Properties

    Manage everything about your properties

  • Bookings and Reviews

    Approve/Reject your Bookings.

  • Owners and Users

    Manage everything about your user upgrade them to Owners

  • Services

    Manage everything about your services-Add/Edit/Delete

  • Languages and Strings

    Easily manage your Languages,add new Languages, delete old one.

  • Design and Style

    Change colors and design option for your website.

  • Payment Settings

    Enable/Disable Payment methods

  • Pages and Blog

    Add your Latest News,Share your content or share a promotion for your Proprties.



  • Owner Panel

    place for Owners(Hosts) from where they can manage their content.

  • Active and Pending Balance

    Owners now have Active and Pending Balance.

  • Point System

    Owners are paying entrance fee and upgrades for their item via Points

  • Host Commissions

    Admin has the ability to set Hostcommission in %.

  • Withdrawals

    Users can request an withdrawel when they have some active Balance so they can get their earnins.


  • Homepage

    Serch form so users can easily find what they search for.

  • Explore

    interactive half-map page to help your visitors find exactly what they want.

  • Booking by Payment

    ln other to make a Booking,users will be reqested to pay for the Booking.

  • Multi Language and Currency

    With a single click user can change Language and Currencies on your website

  • Filters

    Filters enable your users to filter

  • Propertes & Services

  • Footer

    Customizable menus in the Footer

  • User Accounts

    Users have their own page