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Mobile application development

Mobile application development is the process of developing software for      devices which are portable and hand held devices like mobile phones These softwares  are installed on mobile phones during manufacturing or clients itself download the software from various software distribution circles  or prefer as web applications  like JavaScript on browsers Mobile user interface(UI) design is also important

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software that gives us a business related  applications in order to  administer the business and  human resources An ERP joins many  management functions into a logically combined system and provides movement of data across these functions Using  a centralised database system, it avoids using  excessive systems maintained by multiple units across one

Web application development

An application which is located on server and the end user accessing it through web browsers  are known as web application There is one small link between websites and web application In most of the cases Web site serves the data in uniform way to all requests, while web application returns the end results to display various pages based on (client)end user inputs So that web applications are those which serve

Content management system

Content Management Systems are web-based applications which are used for the creating, modifying, updating the websites Themes and  plugins are used to extend their function and make the administration of a website simple For example WordPress is one of  popular CMS for running a website, but other CMS solutions are also available Some of these are similar to WordPress's approach but  others may also 

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology where companies use to manage and analyse customer interactions and data  with the aim of developing business relationships with customers CRM systems are designed to manage information on customers on different channels in order to contact between the customer and the company  which include the website,  mail, marketing and social media CRM can also give


E-commerce or electronic commerce is purchase and sale of goods,services, or the transferring  funds,information in  an electronic network, over the internet These business transferring done through entities between business and consumer The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used by peopleE-tail is a term used to refer electronic transaction through  online shopping Origin of e-commerce can be dated

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